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The predecessor of Advantage Process Technology Co., Ltd. "HEINKEL Filter Taiwan" was established in 1999
as a subsidiary of HEINKEL AG in Taiwan.
Specialized in the production of API centrifuges for API under FDA CFR Part 11 requirements and planning.
In 2004, HEINKEL Group joined the Bolz Summix dryer.
From 2004 to 2007, it merged the companies GFT, Heine and Ellerwerk to increase the product like 
Top discharge centrifuges, Vertical bottom discharge centrifuges, Horizontal peeler centrifuges, and TiO2 centrifuges.
In 2008, Jongia agaitor mixer. join with HENKEL Group.
In 2010, Comber filter and dryer join with HEINKEL Group.
The HEINKEL Group become the major supplier of process equipment for GMP-based pharmaceutical companies
on the separation and drying process.
In 2011, Advantage Process Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established. Provide service and installation training for all products under the HEINKEL Group for Taiwan's customers.
In 2016 Advantage Process Technology Co., Ltd. Introduced the ROMACO Group's equipment and the
entire equipment process for Taiwan.
And now we (Advantage Process Technology) can supply all process equipment from API to
the final packaging process like granulation tablets , vial filling for liquid and powder process for all our customers.
In the same time we can also provide the process equipment for
Special metal tablets, Catalyst tablets, and dishwasher-specific tablets production lines.
in 2019 Advantage Process Technology Established the design office in Taipei city.